Seriously, it kills me to know what you’re sacrificing when you ask dumbass questions

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If you’re a self-aware person who’s realised that you’re still asking some pretty disempowering questions, then you’re gonna LOVE what we can discover together


“Suburban Psychic” isn’t one person, it’s all people. It’s an :: idea ::

It’s the idea that you possess intuition and the ability to learn how to connect with the guidance that’s all around you and ask great questions that confidently move you forward in your decisions, choices and actions.

You’re not channelling Metatron or Archangel Michael yet? Me either.

But you are connected to Higher Guidance in your own way.

And I can show you, through the Answers I receive on your behalf, or through teaching you how to access the guidance that’s eager to support you.

Yes, You.

:: NEWSFLASH :: Behind every door on every street, is a suburban psychic


We share some values, you and I…



Vanilla’s great for ice-cream…but for your :: life:: ? You contain a greatness. A passion, a creativity that is totally + uniquely your flavour.




Shallow + confusing + insecure + unreliable + dramatic just don’t cut it any more for you in relationships… of any kind.




Resistance? Being Stuck? So. Last. Century. That whole mouse in the wheel thing, repeating the same old same old, you’re done with that.




Making do is dishonest. Keeping quiet is dishonest. Breakthroughs in your career, finances, relationships and health happen when you’re lovingly honest with yourself and others.




Patterns are power. They’re the engine silently running your life. Are your patterns keeping you stuck and miserable or are they joyously driving you forward? Activate your awareness.




Satisfaction and achievement come from being prepared to

dive in deep and not paddle about on the surface.


Who hasn’t asked for a sneak peek into the future? I have! :: sheepish grin ::

Did it help me? NO!! I still had to wait while my mind ran riot with doubts and what-ifs.

I still had to deal with disappointment when the “prediction” didn’t come true. When what I was expecting to happen to me, for me … didn’t.

You’ve done that too?

Kind of :: time-capsuled :: your life, waiting for some magical outcome?

Surrendering time you’ll never get back?

It sux!! Which is why I don’t do that any more…

While there’s certain things I’d love to see land on my doorstep,

I’m more inclined to head out the door and find them myself.

Because now my :: trust :: isn’t in some prediction I can’t control. My trust is in :: me ::

:: Self-Trust :: You Earn It.

By making choices and decisions. By taking actions and dealing with the consequences.

When you do, you access ALL of the amazing insights, inspired growth and absolute :: ownership :: that was waiting for you

Henry David Thoreau Said It So Well

If you’re ready to go confidently in the direction of your

+ soulmate

+  dreams

+ outstanding brilliance

+ rock-solid wellbeing

+ driving purpose & passion

+ boundless joy & happiness